A Message from the Pastor
Rev. Nathan Lonsdale Bledsoe

Join In to the Fall Wednesday Fun!

Can you imagine a church full of people committing to live in the same scriptures together each and every week? Let me tell you what I mean. What if a text was in the bulletin on Sunday and we all started reading it and praying over it together on Monday, we studied it together on Wednesday, and there were discussion questions about it on Sunday morning for youth and any Sunday School classes that wanted them.


When we came together in worship, we would celebrate the things we had learned about God together during our week of walking around in the text.

Starting at the end of August, that’s going to be our rhythm of life together at St. Stephen’s. Sunday, August 27th, we’ll start a worship series called “Wandering Home” where we walk with Moses and God’s people through the book of Exodus. Each week, we’ll put the scriptures for the coming week in the bulletin. Wednesdays at 2 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. I’ll facilitate a bible study on the text. Then we’ll take some of what we’ve learned together, some things that are connected to Sunday morning worship, and some of the questions it raises and make a set of discussion questions that our youth will use in Sunday School (and any other Sunday School classes that want them can have them, too!).

I am really excited about praying and living the scriptures together each week! My faith is strongest when I am engaging scripture and big questions with people regularly; hopefully this will provide an opportunity like this for us.

Excited to keep walking with God with all of you!


Notes from the Minister of Music
Rev. Lindsay Smith

We have some wonderful opportunities for our children to make music this summer and fall! Next week we will begin our Fine Arts Camp from 5:00-7:30, August 6-10, for kids entering Kindergarten through 6th grade. They will be doing art, music, dance, and drama! Our performance is open to the public on Thursday August 10th at 7:00. Registration information can be found on our website. Even if you can’t send a child to FAC, come and see our performance!

Beginning on August 30th, we will have Wednesday evening children’s choir! The fellowship hall will be open at 5:30 for families to come and eat dinner together before the evenings activities begin. Children’s choir will be from 6:30-7:30 each Wednesday night, and while our children are singing, the parents can join Pastor Nathan for a bible study that follows our worship series on Exodus! Our children will be learning how to read music, improving choral tone, playing games, and will even get to have some devotionals. As we approach the advent season, we will begin preparing a Christmas musical, which will be performed Sunday morning, Dec. 24, 2017. Join us for singing, drumming, and giggles every Wednesday this fall!

On another note, we are so sad to say goodbye to our fabulous organist, Juyeon Kim. She has served us faithfully for almost two years, and I know each of us has been blessed by her beautiful music. She is a joy to work with as well! Her talent is matched by her kindness. She was a wonderful partner in worship, and we will miss her and her wonderful girls very much! They will be moving to Seattle, Washington on August 14th, where her husband Baja will attend school and serve another congregation as their music director. They also have family in the area, so it will be a good move for them, I’m sure! However, we will miss them very much! May Juyeon, Baja, Hayeon, and Nayeon be blessed beyond measure in their lives and ministries in Seattle!

Lindsay Smith
Children and Youth News
The congregation prayed a blessing over Mary Gossett and her family on their last Sunday with us, July 31. After worship, families joined the youth group for a Goodbye Party at Speedy’s Fast Track. Mary will begin a new ministry later this month as Director of Children’s Ministries at Tomball United Methodist Church.
Johnson Memorial School News
Thursday, May 18 marked the last day of classes for the school year at Johnson Memorial School. Out of our 51 students this year, 23 of them will be big Kindergarteners in the fall! We celebrated this special occasion with a chapel service, each class’ memorized Bible verse, a Pomp and Circumstance walk up the aisle to receive their diplomas, a blessing by Pastor Kevin, a gorgeous song by Lindsey Smith (whose daughter Abigale graduated) accompanied by her father on the ukulele, and, of course, the traditional Toss of the Graduation Caps!
Classes will be back in session at JMS starting Thursday, September 7.
The staff at JMS would like to make a special shoutout to long-time classroom teacher, Helping Teacher and School Board member Cayce Carlsson, who will be leaving our staff to return to the public school classroom (but staying on as a School Board member). Although she has big shoes to fill, we know the youngest three’s will be in good hands with the transition of our Helping Teacher and church member Angelica Sullivan to this classroom. Thank you for all you’ve done for this school since 2011, Cayce!