Please join us for the Discipleship Workshop on February 10th. We will learn valuable skills, and ideas of how to create disciples and how to make sure the people we interact with know who Jesus is, why Jesus is important, and learn to follow him. We will also learn insightful ways and means to enrich our own discipleship paths and faith journeys.
Please print out and fill out the forms listed below and make sure to register at the bottom link. The forms will be used during the workshop and the registration ensures we know how many people we need to provide lunch for.
Workshop Forms:
Print out and read each question carefully. Circle EVERY number that resonates with you in some way. Once you have gone through the questions, download and print the following:
Circle the X for every numbered question you answered on the first sheet. When you are done, there is a space at the bottom of the sheet to add up the totals from each “Stage” column.
When you have completed the form, it is time for registration.